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The Minecraft Server Project finally has a home!

23 Mar

The main site for the Minecraft Server Project has been moved to the Pi Society. The new site is under constant construction, everything from page layout to script writing but soon there will be an SVN repository for downloading code and getting updates. Link are below:

The Minecraft Server Project Home

the Pi Society Home


Name Ideas

7 Jan

So I really need some ideas for a server name. Suggestions welcome. Obviously it should incorporate Minecraft.

Header Design, First Draft

7 Jan

Basic first draft of the header design. Needs some real character but at-least I got started on it.

Also available on the Design Archives page.

Index Organization Template, First Draft

6 Jan

First Draft

In .pdf: index organization template.

Also available on the Design Archives page.

Gmail Account Made!

6 Jan

Alright, so I’ve set up a gmail account specifically for this project:

It’s also been added to the Contact page on this blog.