Server Log Script, Draft #2

28 Jan

Second draft done. For the best explanation of what it does download the code and check it out yourself. As always comments and suggestions are welcome:

Server Log script, Draft 2,

also, it’s up on the code repository page.

I’m still working on improvements but I’ve added in the MySQL database abilities and it seems to be working as I planned for this draft.

Here’s what it does:

  • loads the server.log file into a MySQL database
  • echos the last 50 lines in the log, most recent at the top
  • the query for a specific date/time range is coded but commented out until I add a form into the php

More Improvements to come, I’m working on other web design stuff at the moment but this will most likely be in a finished state (minus css stuff, and I might find a way to code it in AJAX so that you don’t have to refresh the page to see an updated log) soon.


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