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New Pi Server Adventure Map Preview: Architecture Notes, Selected Screenshots

28 Jun

Pi Society has been developing a SMP Adventure map. At launch the world will contain a few pre-made cities/castles/towns, trails, dungeons, treasure, etc… Hopefully the world will be up for exploring and populating soon after the release of 1.7. Here are the world architecture notes for a small region in development (good luck reading them but if you try you might get most of it) and selected screen shots, remember everything is WIP.


Elephant Pass:

Elephant Pass

Steps of Deofol:

Steps of Deofol

Devil’s Perch:

Devil's Perch

Devil’s Perch and the Black Pyramid (night):

Devil’s Perch and the Black Pyramid (day):

The Black Pyramid (outside):

The Black Pyramid room 1:

The Black Pyramid room 2:



The Minecraft Server Project finally has a home!

23 Mar

The main site for the Minecraft Server Project has been moved to the Pi Society. The new site is under constant construction, everything from page layout to script writing but soon there will be an SVN repository for downloading code and getting updates. Link are below:

The Minecraft Server Project Home

the Pi Society Home

Server Log Script, Draft #2

28 Jan

Second draft done. For the best explanation of what it does download the code and check it out yourself. As always comments and suggestions are welcome:

Server Log script, Draft 2,

also, it’s up on the code repository page.

I’m still working on improvements but I’ve added in the MySQL database abilities and it seems to be working as I planned for this draft.

Here’s what it does:

  • loads the server.log file into a MySQL database
  • echos the last 50 lines in the log, most recent at the top
  • the query for a specific date/time range is coded but commented out until I add a form into the php

More Improvements to come, I’m working on other web design stuff at the moment but this will most likely be in a finished state (minus css stuff, and I might find a way to code it in AJAX so that you don’t have to refresh the page to see an updated log) soon.

Server Log Script Development Problems

9 Jan

Alright, so I’ve got a Minecraft multiplayer server on one machine, I’m developing the web code on my personal laptop, and a public html server on another machine. Unnecessarily disconnected, I know. But somehow that how things turned out. Needless to say that it’s not the best situation. To make things worst I can’t get a mysql database on the public html server because of permissions issues. Not that I don’t know how to do it, it’s just not possible. So I’ll be coding that bind, to say. The good news is that I’ve got a machine waiting for me when I get back to school that I can move things to and consolidate.

So that’s the biggest slow down on that code, for now.

Server Log Script, Draft #1

9 Jan

Here’s the first real addition to the code repository.

Server Log script, draft 1,

also it’s up on the code repository page

It runs, but I’m already working on improvements (there are some problems with all my servers being on different machines but I’ll describe all that in the next post, right after this one).

Here’s what it does:

  • reads the server.log file
  • echos it right to the page
  • all straight php

Here’s what it’ll do once I get those improvements:

  • put each line from the server.log file into a mysql database
  • the lines get logged with the time from the server.log file
  • then the lines get reverse sorted by time
  • read out the lines after the reverse sort

After the improvements the page will show the server log with the most recent activity at the top. Also, since it’s using mysql I can put a form at the top that allows someone to specify the number of lines that get displayed to screen (with some default value).

Name Ideas

7 Jan

So I really need some ideas for a server name. Suggestions welcome. Obviously it should incorporate Minecraft.

Gmail Account Made!

6 Jan

Alright, so I’ve set up a gmail account specifically for this project:

It’s also been added to the Contact page on this blog.