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New Pi Server Adventure Map Preview: Architecture Notes, Selected Screenshots

28 Jun

Pi Society has been developing a SMP Adventure map. At launch the world will contain a few pre-made cities/castles/towns, trails, dungeons, treasure, etc… Hopefully the world will be up for exploring and populating soon after the release of 1.7. Here are the world architecture notes for a small region inĀ developmentĀ (good luck reading them but if you try you might get most of it) and selected screen shots, remember everything is WIP.


Elephant Pass:

Elephant Pass

Steps of Deofol:

Steps of Deofol

Devil’s Perch:

Devil's Perch

Devil’s Perch and the Black Pyramid (night):

Devil’s Perch and the Black Pyramid (day):

The Black Pyramid (outside):

The Black Pyramid room 1:

The Black Pyramid room 2: